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At Anuradha Textiles, we believe in the enrichment and continuity of the Indian culture and that’s part of what drives us. Our uniquely printed sarees offer women of all classes and social status an opportunity to dress themselves fashionably without exhausting their earnings.

We started operations in the year 1992, hand printing and processing 216 meters of fabric every day. Our company has since grown and currently employs more than 1000 employees. Through automation and innovation, we now have the capacity to print and process 300,000 meters of fabric every day, making us one of the largest producers of Sarees in India. We believe that safeguarding the environment is everybody’s role and as such, we are committed to keeping our operations as eco-friendly as possible. CSR is our priority, with our focus being to grow with the community within which we are located.

Our Mission

Our mission is to uphold the dignity in every Indian woman through fashion regardless of their income. Therefore, our Sarees come with the most reasonable price in the industry.